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TPA & Recordkeeping Service

At Envoy Financial, we understand the challenge of providing proper fiduciary oversight to your retirement plan when you don’t have the right tools.

Envoy TPA & Recordkeeping, Inc. supports the accounting and management of retirement plans by delivering accurate, timely, and relevant information using industry-leading technology. Tools and reports available on the Envoy Choice Retirement Plan platform are second-to-none and simplify providing oversight to your retirement plan. Envoy TPA & Recordkeeping, Inc.’s demonstrated 403(b) expertise, proven systems, and capacity are already supporting many leading 501(c)(3) organizations. We can help your organization as well.

Envoy TPA & Recordkeeping, Inc. provides TPA and Recordkeeping services for plan sponsors, either in conjunction with retirement plan administration or as standalone services. Envoy TPA & Recordkeeping, Inc. can assist your organization by providing all or any of the following:

  1. Recordkeeping Services - review, monitor and track plan transactions (exchanges, transfers, loans, hardship and other distributions) to meet compliance requirements
  2. Plan Compliance Services - maintain an up-to-date library of communication materials to meet the meaningful notice and universal availability requirements for your retirement plan

In addition, we have available:

  • Secure systems to protect participant information
  • Daily account updates
  • English and Spanish Internet
  • Current Loan Information available to web site
  • Coordination of Loan distributions and repayments
  • Notification of past-due loans
  • Monitoring of amounts available for hardship
  • Notification of hardship suspensions
  • Interactive Enrollment
  • Online standard or customized reports for Plan Sponsors
  • Quarterly Plan Sponsor Reports
  • Signature-ready IRS Form 5500 (where required)
  • Toll-Free Participant Service Center
  • Dedicated Service Team

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